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Vantola rucksack

A travel rucksack designed for commuting and cycling in collaboration with a social enterprise startup. 

Designed for use on and off a bike, this rucksack combines modularity with clever pocket design to make adventuring more enjoyable. Detachable straps allow you to customise how you wear the rucksack; from sling and rucksack to duffel bag or carry-on. The carabiners are customisable to suit your personal style, whilst allowing the straps to be interchanged as well.


Separate compartments for bike locks and cycling shoes or clothes make this a great bag for cyclists, with a laptop compartment aiding commuting. Manufactured from high grade nylon fabric this bag is made to withstand any conditions and environments. With a waterproof pull out liner this bag can keep gear dry and be easily cleaned. 


This project taught me new skills in how to design and make soft products, culminating in making a pre-production prototype seen throughout this section.

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