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Kor: design to eliminate waste

A modular kitchen appliance suite designed for repair through the circular economy.

Kor is designed to fit into the lifestyle of young working professionals. Combining the functions of traditional appliances into a small and user-centric product suite. Kor is made of a power module with hob and motor modules makes Kor multifunctional and can do tasks from blending food to making coffee.


Part of the design process was to dematerialise regular appliances into a single appliance; minimising the materials needed in manufacture and promote sustainable resource use. Designing for disassembly, repair and remanufacture promotes longevity of the product and the embedded resources.


Kor is implemented into a sharing economy business model which has the ability to shift users’ behaviour towards products, generating greater value throughout its lifecycles. Prolonging the value chain through modularity, designing for evolution and other future thinking strategies greatly improve business to customer relationships, building trust.

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