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A modular, educational marble run designed to teach children about recycling and longevity.

Educating about recycling has been a key point throughout the creation of Labyrinth. Combining sustainable values with a fun interactive game that develops motor skills has been achieved through the construction of endless marble runs on multiple levels. Build endless games through 3D printed connectors and wooden rails. Sort the materials into the correct recycling bin to progress to the next level and ‘recycle’ the material in the central hole. 


A tilting gimbal allows the movement of the marbles whilst teaching children key motor skills and teamwork if played together. Designed for disassembly and cold-fit construction Labyrinth promotes sustainability through the product itself.


Designed for the circular economy Labyrinth is aimed at open source batch production. Providing an open source product for manufacture near the consumer through CNC, laser cutting and 3D printing creates a greater connection with local makers.


1. Construct

2. Assemble

3. Build

Labyrinth 2.jpg
IMG_3708 2.jpg
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